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Coming Soon: Personal Resilience Program

RiskLogic has become a prime candidate to respond to the wellbeing epidemic. For those still doubting the legitimacy of the phycological effects of an epidemic, it’s important to continually review what the data is telling us.

The World Economic Forum (2021) estimates the cost of mental disorders to be $16 trillion in 2030, exceeding that of cancer, diabetes and heart disease combined.

Since 2005, RiskLogic has led the industry in the delivery of crisis leadership training programs to build and uplift capability in assisting decision making and performance under stress.

With a sixteen-year exposure to events on alongside clients and the industry, this skill set is one that does not start in the crisis room. It is cultivated through training and simulations to gain exposure to the reality of live events, where in many instances the variables cannot be controlled.

When personal resilience is lacking within an individual crisis team member, or psychological safety is not respected as part of the team, the outcome holds impacts that ripple beyond the team to a diverse range of stakeholders.

This has been evidenced throughout Australia with the threat of bushfires, storms, COVID-19 outbreaks, and cyber-attacks.

AON 2021 Global Wellbeing Report highlighted the top physical wellbeing risk impacting company performance is Stress (67%), followed by Burnout (46%). The top two wellbeing issues reported from the 1,648 participants across 41 countries who participated: Work-life Balance (65%) and Mental Health (46%).

The cost for crisis leaders due to the pandemic has resulted in the additional displacement of hours and work contribution outside and beyond of their already hectic full-time role. Doing more with less has tipped the balance scale, in addition to a work-from-home model and other complexities like balancing an office environment around family.

Personal resilience solutions

RiskLogic will move into the personal resilience space with a clear objective for resilience for risk professionals.

Empowering individuals to successfully navigate adversity and perform at their best.

Taking a two-pronged approach to personal resilience through the equal focus on wellbeing and performance, RiskLogic will provide clients a diverse portfolio of industry experts within their individual programs – building unique and tailored solutions to any organisation and their people.

RiskLogic’s CEO, Dan Shields is bullish on the offering to crisis leaders as an additional component to annual training programs.

Because of the content customization and depth of appreciation RiskLogic holds for the role crisis leaders play, he believes the focus will cut through certain resistance executives can sometimes hold when participating in wellbeing programs.

Most importantly, Dan knows how important this is for executives who can focus more on the health and wellbeing of their own employees than their own. We have seen time and time again the impacts to the wider organisation when a key leader is not ‘present’.

This new Personal Resilience Program will focus on case studies that are universally recognised throughout any profession. RiskLogic will consider the major impacts long working-from-home policies have had and look to combine our adult learning courses into a full end-to-end program.

Expressions of interest are currently sought with an anticipated launch date of 2022.

You can subscribe to our unique Personal Resilience mailing list and hear about when this is live below.


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