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Business Continuity

Business Continuity Training

The Importance of Business Continuity Training & Certification

The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) recently interviewed top senior managers in business continuity to raise awareness for BCI Education Month. Our own Melbourne based Senior Manager, Gary Vogel was invited to provide his expertise and answers to their questions. Focusing on business continuity training and certification, Gary helps break down some common misconceptions while providing […]

9/11: The event that changed resilience

Collectively written by the RiskLogic team, curated, and edited by Commercial Marketing Manager, Ollie Law.   Nine-eleven are two of the most infamous numbers in history. They represent unimaginable disaster and loss and remain a pivotal moment in the journey to corporate resilience. The digital atmosphere shows evidence of taking a break from an onslaught […]

Business Continuity Personal Resilience

Focus is on corporate resilience for board members

Article by David Gumley, RiskLogic Head of Growth   As boards move beyond crisis management, specific risks and organisational issues are increasingly top of mind. In turn, Business continuity finds itself embedded into more organisational fabric – producing more focus on corporate resilience. While the argument can be made that it’s too little, too late, […]


IPCC Climate Report Critical for Business Continuity Change

If somehow you missed the world’s most popular report this week, then let us introduce you to the mammoth 3,949-page document, IPCC’s The Physical Science Basis on Climate Change.  You can download it here ↗ Collated by 234 scientists across the world, the report is essentially a code red for humanity, which of course means […]

Business Continuity SME

How Business Continuity Can Help SME’s to Multinationals

Written by Resilience Specialist, Matthew Foreman.  The idea or concept of Business Continuity or a Business Continuity Plan is often seen by small to medium-sized businesses as not important or relevant to them; they’re just a small fish in a big bond and these global disasters are likely to have a bigger affect on the […]

Upskill Your People with a CBCI Accreditation

For many years now, RiskLogic has been one of the key suppliers of the Business Continuity Institute’s (BCI) CBCI course and Accreditation. We have seen a variety of seniorities and experiences come through this course with all of them leaving with a deeper understanding of effective business continuity skillsets. We were the first supplier to […]

Personal Resilience

Coming Soon: Personal Resilience Program

RiskLogic has become a prime candidate to respond to the wellbeing epidemic. For those still doubting the legitimacy of the phycological effects of an epidemic, it’s important to continually review what the data is telling us. The World Economic Forum (2021) estimates the cost of mental disorders to be $16 trillion in 2030, exceeding that […]