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Business Continuity


IPCC Climate Report Critical for Business Continuity Change

If somehow you missed the world’s most popular report this week, then let us introduce you to the mammoth 3,949-page document, IPCC’s The Physical Science Basis on Climate Change.  You can download it here ↗ Collated by 234 scientists across the world, the report is essentially a code red for humanity, which of course means […]

Business Continuity SME

How Business Continuity Can Help SME’s to Multinationals

Written by Resilience Specialist, Matthew Foreman.  The idea or concept of Business Continuity or a Business Continuity Plan is often seen by small to medium-sized businesses as not important or relevant to them; they’re just a small fish in a big bond and these global disasters are likely to have a bigger affect on the […]

Upskill Your People with a CBCI Accreditation

For many years now, RiskLogic has been one of the key suppliers of the Business Continuity Institute’s (BCI) CBCI course and Accreditation. We have seen a variety of seniorities and experiences come through this course with all of them leaving with a deeper understanding of effective business continuity skillsets. We were the first supplier to […]

Personal Resilience

Coming Soon: Personal Resilience Program

RiskLogic has become a prime candidate to respond to the wellbeing epidemic. For those still doubting the legitimacy of the phycological effects of an epidemic, it’s important to continually review what the data is telling us. The World Economic Forum (2021) estimates the cost of mental disorders to be $16 trillion in 2030, exceeding that […]

COVID-19 pandemic management aged care

Pandemic management plan: COVID-19 impact on residential aged care

While Residential Aged Care facilities have dealt with outbreaks before, none were quite as challenging as COVID-19. With the realisation that an existing pandemic management plan was unable to tackle the specific challenges and impacts of this new coronavirus, many are in search of tools to collate and designate critical actions to prepare for and […]

Business Continuity Software

Choosing business continuity software

It can be quite overwhelming if you’re faced with the task of choosing Business Continuity Management software. There are a large variety of business continuity software products available in the market for you to choose from and not all of them will suit your specific needs. Products are available to simplify, or complicate, nearly any […]

Business Continuity Consultants

COVID-19: The evolution of a pandemic

COVID-19 – The evolution of a pandemic and impacts on business continuity   Tuesday 14th July, 2020 Written by Dr Rebecca Hoile, Senior Manager RiskLogic   July marks six months since the COVID-19 outbreak commenced and four months since the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic.   Today, the pandemic continues to surge […]

Pandemic management

What are the issues as we move into the management phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

As the COVID-19 curve flattens across Australia and New Zealand, and organisations prepare to resume business in this ‘new-normal’, RiskLogic’s CEO Dan Shields talks to what it actually means for organisations to manage through this new normal, and discusses the new issues that we are already facing. COVID-19 started light in Australia and New Zealand, […]