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Crisis Communications

Melbourne Fire

Business continuity – How infernos like the melbourne fire in campbellfield can affect your bottom line

In the early morning of April 5th, the Metropolitan Fire brigade were called to an industrial fire at a factory in Campbellfield. What they saw was an out of control inferno with projectiles shooting into the air like rockets. The factory at the centre of this blaze was Bradbury Industrial Services – the Waste business […]

3 ways to fail crisis communications

3 ways to fail crisis communications

Imagine a job where you are given 10 new major projects this morning, with a deadline of this afternoon. The IT system is down, your phone is ringing off the hook and the Executive wants hourly updates. Welcome to the world of crisis communications. In a major crisis, the workload, pressure and expectation on the […]

whatsapp data encryption

Sensitive data: The true cost of Whatsapp

With over 1.5 billion users, Facebook-owned WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app. WhatsApp, which uses the internet to instantly transmit text, videos, images and even documents as attachments, is free, easy and convenient. Users can communicate with individuals and groups using any kind of mobile device to chat, set up meetings or appointments, […]

Facetime Bug

FaceTime Bugs reminds us every organisation is vulnerable

If you have recently used Apple’s group FaceTime video chat, you may have inadvertently let people eavesdrop on you. A bug in the new group chat function allowed callers to remotely activate the microphone on another person’s iPhone, iPad or Mac for a limited time without that person’s knowledge, and hear whatever sounds the microphone […]

Crisis Communications

How the right communication strategy can protect your reputation this Christmas season

  The Christmas season is upon us, with the retail and hospitality industries in full swing. Shoppers are out in droves and despite the festive season, some customers can be particularly demanding which creates a potential reputational landmine that all public-facing businesses need to studiously avoid.   Maintaining standards   Your regular staff would know […]