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Planning for Resilience

The moral and financial impacts of the invasion on Ukraine

Written by Commercial Marketing Manager, Ollie Law, and the RiskLogic Consulting Team. Recently, McDonalds announced it would be suspending all operations in Russia and closing over 650 of its restaurants. The continued pay out of 62,000 salaries alongside an immediate stop to sales will equate to a loss of 9% global revenue. Their exit was […]

Loss of key staff

Loss of key staff: Major disruption for Australian businesses

Created by Principal Consultant, Dr Rebecca Hoile and Commercial Marketing Manager, Ollie Law. The substantial rise in cases associated with the Omicron variant combined with changes to the Australian testing and isolation requirements, has created one of the largest “loss of critical staff” crises in recent history. Australia’s current COVID-19 cases have emerged and grown […]

Upskill Your People with a CBCI Accreditation

For many years now, RiskLogic has been one of the key suppliers of the Business Continuity Institute’s (BCI) CBCI course and Accreditation. We have seen a variety of seniorities and experiences come through this course with all of them leaving with a deeper understanding of effective business continuity skillsets. We were the first supplier to […]

Supply chain globalisation

Supply Chain Globalisation in 2021

When it comes to supply chain globalisation, to remain competitive, many enterprises have concentrated their efforts on outsourcing functions to third parties that have the capability to provide services at a lower cost (supply chain globalisation) and perhaps also with improved performance or effectiveness due to organisational focus on these key areas. Technology based roles […]

Concurrent Incidents

Managing Concurrent Incidents: Learning from the Australian Open

Written by Senior Manager Joanne Costa. The Australian Open was one of the most closely watched ‘will it–won’t it?’ events of the last 12 months. When considering the ongoing concurrent incidents the world was seeing, there were major concerns, and rightfully so. It was one of the first major international sporting tournaments to be held […]

Resilient Leadership

Learning Resilient Leadership: Putting leaders ‘in the box’

Written by Senior Manager, Billy Hedderman.  Resilient Leadership has become one of the top searched business queries on YouTube (the world’s second largest search engine). Recently I was consulting a large business on Incident Management and understanding resilient leadership. We worked on their overall framework for managing incidents, and then produced a beautiful array of nested […]

Normalising Risk Management

Avoid Normalising Risk This Year

Written by Western Australia’s Principal Consultant, Trent Clouston There is a real issue right now around normalising risk. Last year was a tumultuous year to say the least, but we still need to be cognisant of our existing risks and retrain our focus onto our present risk profiles. Not everything is going to be related […]

Business Resilience

Strengthening Business Resilience with 2020 Hindsight

Written by Principal Consultant, Dr Rebecca Hoile. Some say we must look back to look forward. Certainly, after every crisis or major event, we analyse business resilience and assess our preparedness and response, and seek to move forward with the clarity and focus that comes from hindsight.   For many, 2020 was the catalyst for […]