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2019 Crisis Management Survey Snapshot

Leaders today are arguably facing one of the most uncertain economic, political and social landscapes of recent history. 2019 has already proven to be a year of unexpected change with major events unfolding that have shaped both our local communities and global economy.

In April 2019, Catalyst Technologies surveyed leading organisations across Australia and New Zealand to attain a deeper understanding of their key crisis challenges in preparing for and managing a critical event or major incident. The results have allowed us to benchmark different industries, identify key challenges and help us continue to build a more resilient future for clients.

What’s in the report

Experiencing a crisis

Organisations that have experience a crisis in the last 12 months and the resulting impacts and opportunities.

Crisis event concern

Understanding the incidents that are causing the most concern and their perceived impacts.


Insights into what organisations see as major challenges and why they exist.

Use of

Organisations that use technology to support their crisis efforts and how it has improved the outcome of the event.

Download the Crisis Management Survey snapshot to gain a better understanding of the key challenges that leading organisations across Australia and New Zealand face when responding to a crisis, and benefit from key takeaways for a more successful crisis response.

We trust you will find this snapshot valuable.

Crisis Management Survey

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