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The Seven Sins of Crisis Communications

Witnessing a crisis unfold can be like watching a train crash. It is horrible to watch, but hard to look away as customers, commentators and stakeholders take to traditional and social media to vent their frustration. If poorly managed, the issue can escalate out of control and significantly damage your reputation and brand.

This survival guide identifies the most common crisis communications mistakes and provides the solutions. It gives you a framework to build your capability and confidence and respond effectively to every potential crisis on your risk radar.

“There is a significant gap between BAU corporate communications versus high pressure crisis
communications. A business that hasn’t done the necessary pre-crisis planning, training and exercising runs the risk of falling into this gap in a very public way.”

Tim Archer

Head of Communications, RiskLogic

What’s covered in the survival guide?


How to avoid the ‘Seven Sins’ and communicate effectively under pressure

Crisis Communications Plan

The critical ingredients of a robust and comprehensive plan


How to transform your communications team into crisis specialists


How to communicate effectively when all your IT systems go down

before tactics

The six critical questions that lead you to a strategic response

Download The Seven Sins of Crisis Communications and prepare yourself to communicate confidently and effectively in a crisis.

crisis communications survival guide

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