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Resilience Hub | 2022

This portal is exclusive to you and will be your point of call for 2022 planning with RiskLogic. We will be adding more exclusive, unique content, assets and resources on this page throughout the coming months. You will have one-to-one access to our Resilience Specialists, as well as a chance to receive RiskLogic documents that are often reserved for client programs.

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The new threat landscape in 2022 brings with it plenty of uncertainty. It’s this unknown that has many professionals worried and looking for ways to plan and prepare now. This exclusive campaign will share specific content related to our findings, advice and research to support your Business Continuity Planning for the year ahead. We’ll share meaningful and relevant assets you can use to best prepare for whatever is ahead off the back of COVID-19.

Virtual workshop

Mitigating Disruptions in 2022

RiskLogic held its first live, in-person event in over a year in the Sydney CBD. The content was presented by some of our leading experts, including RiskLogic CEO, Dan Shields. To ensure more than just those who attended can get value out of this, we have recorded the workshop for you here.


We’re now encouraging our clients to start planning for the next disruption. Your current threat landscape has likely changed. Have you considered the impacts of the bushfire season or the impact of any cyber threats? Is your supply chain at risk? Has your business already been impacted but you’re not feeling the financial repercussions yet? Whilst COVID-19 will go down as one of the biggest disruptions, it won’t be the last. Continue to stay resilient, don’t get complacent, be prepared for 2021. Do you have the depth and resources to manage concurrent events?

COVID Response Assets

Get ahead and measure where you are on the pandemic response. Download our free assets today and see what you can do to remain resilient.

Education, Consultation, and Courses

Increase your professional knowledge with our courses, materials and consultations. All provided by award-winning, leading resiliency experts.

Articles, blogs & resource

Our full team contribute to monthly pieces for our audience, focusing on considerations, advice and professional input to key events around the world.

Consultation from Brad Law

After reviewing and understanding the risks to your business for the new year, it may be of value to talk with one of our resilience experts. By following the below link, you can arrange a fifteen to thirty minute, informal discussion with one of our consulting managers within a week. Dissect where the disruption risks may be for you and gain insights and feedback from award-winning consultants.


Organisations have seen the largest disruption of supply chain in living memory. However, many have learned the hard way that their client base seldom blame the third party supplier, but often the business making the transaction. However, the supply chain hasn’t been limited by the pandemic, quite the opposite. A high-demand for supplies means more boats in docks with low resource. Seasonal workers have left Australia and New Zealand meaning product is waiting longer to be shipped. Organisations need to plan for these niche disruptions.

WEBINAR: Pandemic & Supply Chain Planning

This year we saw a huge increase in requests for pandemic plans with a specific interest in supply chain disruptions. Similarly, our partner Aon Insurance Australia and New Zealand saw a significant uptake in review of premiums for third party disruptions. In this webinar, that took place in March, we address the threat landscape, supply chain disruptions, response and risk transfer considerations.

Reading materials & resource

Get insights into the minds of our crisis communications expert, supply chain consultant and our wider resilience team. No matter your industry, these are areas under serious threat in 2021. Learn how to manage these effectively below.


Working from home has become the norm and likely the move that will define 2020. It gave birth to virtual meetings, webinars and conferences. The move to virtual has created new vulnerabilities many haven’t known before. For example, collaboration is now much tougher, secondary emergency locations and backup plans are outdated, a severe storm event can knock out power to multiple staff working at home. Communications and control during a crisis becomes messy, not to mention the heightened risk of cyber while staff use personal networks and laptops. What do we need to change now to improve our resilience to physical and cyber incidents? We’ll break all of this down in the next section.

Leadership, Starting fresh, and Technology

Millions of people have shifted from the traditional office environment into a virtual, work-from-home set up. This has brought further risks to cyber security, but more so, the human impact. We detail news and resource to help guide you through this unique journey.

Our business continuity solutions are amongst the best globally. Our clients stretch across dozens of industries and locations, including Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Europe and America. Our business continuity, plans, management, assessment and training is recognised amongst peers as market leading. If your organisation is looking to engage our consulting team and get your business continuity to a world class level, reach out today.