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Collaborative joint exercises improve an
organisation’s response to an emergency

RiskLogic and FirstAction recently conducted a multi-agency workshop for the Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust. An iconic tourist facility to Tourism NSW and attracting up to 2,000 daily visitors, the Jenolan Caves are significant tourism assets for the Blue Mountains and Central NSW regions – boosting the economy and providing a stimulus for visitors to travel further into regional NSW.

Emergency Management Exercise

With this high volume of daily visitors and over 100 employees, the Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust recognises the importance of having robust emergency management plans in place. These plans are significant to ensure visitors and staff are best prepared for any incident or emergency that could occur onsite. It is critical that these plans are cohesive with Emergency Services to ensure an effective response in the event of an incident occurring.

In preparation for the Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust workshop, RiskLogic constructed two exercise scenarios that would simulate significant events requiring a coordinated onsite response prior to emergency services arrival and resolution. These scenarios engaged multiple combat agencies who play critical roles within New South Wales.

emergency management exercise

Agencies included:

  • NSW Police Force
  • NSW Rural Fire Service
  • State Emergency Service
  • Volunteer Rescue Association NSW
  • Ambulance Service of NSW
  • NSW Parks and Wildlife

These scenarios were:

  • Major Bushfire – A bushfire is occurring affecting the Jenolan Caves and surrounding bushland. A decision to evacuate or lockdown the site is required.
  • Cave Rescue – A visitor has been injured whilst touring a cave and requires evacuation. The location of the visitor makes it challenging for emergency services to access the site.

The key objectives of these scenarios were to:

  1. Familiarise Jenolan Caves staff & external stakeholders with Local Emergency Response Procedures.
  2. Facilitate discussion between stakeholders regarding required actions during an incident.
  3. Enable the development of a suitable emergency response plan for Jenolan Caves.

Notable outcomes of the multi-agency workshop:

  • Input from Subject-Matter Experts across all agencies provided invaluable local knowledge which led to stakeholders being better informed.
  • An enhanced emergency response plan for Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust which has seen greater consideration for emergency services by implementing ‘Rendezvous Points’ and ‘Designated Safe Places’.
  • The workshop provided the opportunity to foster relationships between Jenolan Caves, Emergency Services and related stakeholders.
  • As the first multi-agency workshop for Jenolan Caves, it formed the foundations for the development and improvement of ideas and injects for future multi-agency live exercises.

For more information on simulated multi-agency workshops, please reach out to Trent Clouston – Senior Manager, Resilience Services at RiskLogic or Adam Davenport – National Client Relationship Manager at FirstAction.

RiskLogic: 1300 731 138 or
FirstAction: 1300 994 707 or