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Business Continuity

Continue to deliver your services following a major disruption.

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5 core offerings recognised by regulators as being amongst the best available.

Equip yourself with the capability and tools to efficiently continue operations and minimise impacts, no matter the event. Our solutions cover all areas of business continuity, including training, scenario exercising, plans, reviews and more. All programs are customised to each organisation and built by award-winning resilience experts, here to build a culture of resilience.

Clients on a Business Continuity Program

Some of Australasia’s largest organisations trust us to support their resilience journey.

Ambulance Victora
Aware Super
Auswide Bank
Mental Health Australia
Anglicare SA
University of Tasmania
University of Adelaide
Teachers Mutual Bank

Business Continuity Programmes

Award-winning, end to end solutions for all organisations.

Program Review & Development

Build a culture of resilience through design and careful review.

Training & Scenario Exercises

Validate your team through unique, customisable scenario exercises.

Business Continuity Maintenance

Long term plans to build on culture and preparedness for any threat landscape.

Business Continuity Technology

Gartner recognised business continuity technology, amongst the best in the world.

Business Continuity Lifecycle by RiskLogic

We follow the Business Continuity Life-cycle

Our Business Continuity Management (BCM) offering follows the Business Continuity Life-cyle; a four step approach to continuous reviews of quality and resilience. We will help you, your team, and stakeholders meet regulatory compliance requirements in any area of business continuity while building a loop of continuous resilience culture.

Hope for the best, plan for the worst

With all Business Continuity Programs, it’s the plan that is most vital to help us identify key vulnerabilities and responsibilities. Our plans are tailored to every organisation and created to remain agile and adaptive to a changing threat landscape.

  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Critical Incident Workshop
  • Plan Framework
  • Incident Management Plan

Once we create a solid foundation and plan around your new resilient future, it’s time to train your wider community. We will help you generate buy-in with techniques gathered across all industries and organisational sizes. This will begin the build of a resilient culture.

  • Incident Team Training
  • Coordinator Training
  • Awareness Training
  • Stakeholder Communications

Prepare your team with confidence

Your plan is a draft until validated

Perhaps one of our most unique and sought after offerings, the RiskLogic training and exercising portfolio is vast and unique to the hundreds of organisations who have invested in one. We provide realistic scenario exercise which will now begin to build a buzz around your new program.

  • Exercise Strategy
  • Scenario and Run Sheets
  • Scenario Facilitation
  • Debrief and Reporting

Your program is now comprehensive, adopted and tested throughout your organisation. There is now a clear culture and awareness of how this investment will help everyone. Now, RiskLogic will help you maintain it and tweak it to the variety of dynamic threats we are all subject to.

  • Annual Review
  • 3+ Year Maintenance Plans
  • Annual Training
  • Annual Exercising

Remain agile & ready no matter the event

Client Case Studies

Our programs have been used by hundreds of organisations across the world for over 15-years.

RiskLogic’s plans have been used and assisted clients get through many events, including the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, and some of the world’s largest recorded cyber attacks.

MCG Full Exercise

We assisted one of Melbourne’s largest venues with a full, realistic hostage situation – involving police and dozens of staff.

RiskLogic & John Hopkins University

We worked with JHU of Health & Security to create a workshop on cluster outbreak management. Available here.

March 15th, NZ

During the terrible events of the Christchurch March 15th shooting, we supported the education sector with response and strategies. Here is the webinar component ↗

Cyber attack

During the height of covid-19, one of our largest clients experienced their largest cyber attack. We created frameworks and steps to get them back to BAU within hours.


Obligation free discussions with one of our experts.

We understand that it’s important to consider all options before committing to an external consultancy. With this in mind, RiskLogic provides unlimited obligation free conversations with you and your stakeholders so you understand how we work, and how we would approach your program.

We’re so confident in our work, that prior to project sign off, we will provide direct access to some existing clients as a referral point.

BC-3 | Business Continuity Software


Business Continuity Technology

Clearview is a multi-award winning, web-based business continuity tool that allows organisations to effectively command, control and coordinate all of their BC capabilities. Clearview’s intuitive user interface and sophisticated functionality reduce the time and cost of managing resilience plans.