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Emergency Management

Empowering every-day people to save lives in the event of an emergency.

Our strategic partner, FirstAction provides a range of highly practical Emergency Management services to compliance-driven organisations and larger environments. Our solutions drive continual performance in Emergency Management to ensure the highest level of protection for organisations, people, property and communities.

FirstAction provides easy-to-use Emergency Planning and Response Programs designed to assist building owners, managers and employers fulfill their legal and compliance obligations and provide a safe environment for employees and building occupants.

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FirstAction provides practical and compliant support in the following areas:

  • Program Reviews
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Establishment of emergency control organisations (warden teams)
  • Emergency evacuation diagrams and building signage
  • Chief Warden, Warden and Communications training
  • Emergency Planning Committee and occupant awareness training
  • First Attack Fire Fighting
  • Evacuation and lockdown drills
  • On-line training and tools
  • On-site safety inspections

FirstAction training capability

FirstAction has extensive training expertise and a long history in corporate and emergency service environments. We maintain a highly skilled training team with the ability to deliver face-to-face and online e-Learning training courses throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Emergency Management Program Reviews

FirstAction can analyse and review existing Emergency Management programs to assess an organisation’s level of preparedness and compliance with Australian Standard 3745:2010 – Planning for Emergencies in Facilities, AS4083 Planning for emergencies – Health Care Facilities and all local government regulations. This includes practical procedures covering possible emergencies such as fire, bomb threat and medical emergencies, evacuation and lockdown processes, communication protocols, building systems, warden team list, risk assessments and other essential information.

Review your program today
Review your program today

Evacuation Diagrams

FirstAction provides the most attractive, practical and fully compliant evacuation diagrams for client sites available in the market. Installing highly visible, easy to read evacuation diagrams in all common areas will provide essential assistance in safely evacuating large numbers of people from your building during emergencies.

FirstAction evacuation diagrams contain the layout of the buildings, the location of fire equipment, exits, assembly areas and egress routes. All maps are oriented with a “You are here” sign to ensure ease of use and basic procedures to enable a fast evacuation. FirstAction maintains a staff of professional CAD designers and floor plan specialists and can provide a number of framing and material options to meet our client’s specific needs.

Emergency Response Plans

FirstAction provides easy-to-use emergency planning and response programs designed to assist building owners, managers and employers fulfil their legal and compliance obligations and provide a safe environment for employees and building occupants.

FirstAction creates highly practical and fully tailored Emergency Response Plans for our clients, to be used by their designated emergency response personnel.

They include simple procedures based on their local environment, covering possible emergencies such as fire, bomb threat and medical emergencies, evacuation and lockdown processes, communication protocols and emergency control structures. Plans are often provided in a kit format containing site-specific contacts, emergency details, checklists, logs and warden teams in a practical quick reference card format.

All documents are also supplied in soft copy and online through the FirstAction client portal.

Emergency Response Procedure

Warden handbooks and supporting materials

Firstaction also provides a number of standard, industry-specific and customised supporting tools to accompany Emergency Response plans. These may include practical warden handbooks for each identified ECO member that summarises the key procedures and emergency information relevant to the organisation and other quick reference materials to build awareness and enable a fast response to emergencies.

Emergency Response Procedure

Emergency Response Training

FirstAction develops and delivers thousands of hours of training each year to a wide variety of clients throughout Australia and New Zealand. Training and development programs are available for all aspects of Emergency Management and Workplace Health & Safety and all comply with relevant legislation, industry and best practice standards where applicable.

Emergency Response Training is delivered in a format that is most suited to our client’s needs, whether it’s face-to-face, online or a combination of formats. Course content is developed by our in-house team of adult learning specialists and subject matter experts taking into account different learning styles and unique client environments. Our courses have been proven to deliver highly practical and relevant learning experiences for tactical operational staff and emergency management leaders.

Stay or Go™ Training:

At FirstAction, we believe that the level of engagement and motivation of participants during training will directly impact the outcomes during a real emergency. As a forward-thinking organisation, we continually evolve our training programs and have recently launched a fresh emergency management approach called STAY or GO™.

With a more engaging and dynamic facilitation style, the STAY or GO™ approach takes emergency response training back to basics. Warden teams exposed to our program have experienced higher levels of engagement during training, leading to a more structured emergency management drill and a better response to live evacuations and lockdowns.

The following Emergency Response Training sessions, compliant with AS3745-2010 and AS4083-2010 and tailored for unique industries, are available either in face-to-face or online formats:

  • Warden
  • Chief Warden
  • First Attack Fire Fighting
  • Emergency Awareness
  • Emergency Planning Committee
  • Communications Training (Reception training)
  • Hazardous Materials / Spillage Response
  • Mailroom Handling Training
  • Evacuation Drill Exercise
  • Lockdown Drill Exercise
  • EvacPlus Exercise (Drills with casualty simulation)

Evacuation and Lockdown Drills

Regular Evacuation Drills and/or Lockdown Drills enable organisations to test the effectiveness of plans, actively engage staff, build emergency response capabilities and ensure ongoing regulatory compliance. FirstAction facilitates hundreds of drills and exercises for clients each year, using real-life incident scenarios and providing a highly practical and structured environment for the program. For added realism, FirstAction can provide casualty simulations, participants dressed in moulage (costume makeup) and realistic props such as smoke machines.

All drills and exercises commence with the relevant briefing sessions and upon completion, we supply a constructive debrief. A full drill report is also provided to capture lessons learnt and any necessary improvements to be made.

General evacuation and lockdown drill details:

  • Audience: Building Wardens and all building occupants
  • Course duration: 1 hour
  • Maximum participants: No maximum
  • Location: On-site at client premises
  • Frequency: Recommended min. 1 x per annum
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Safety Products

FirstAction offers for sale a wide range of Emergency safety products including warden hats and vests, emergency evacuations kits, safety gloves, first aid kits and earplugs. Products are sourced from leading, quality manufacturers and offered to customers at the most competitive prices on the market. Our website is simple to use and we can set up an account for you today.


Emergency Management Technology

Introducing activate, a game-changing online platform and mobile app that fundamentally improves the way organisations manage their emergency program and respond to emergency events. Activate enables greater control and simplified management of your sites and faster coordination, tracking and communication when responding to emergencies.

Online Portal

The Activate online Emergency Management portal will enable organisations to manage each site’s critical information, manage warden teams, conduct site-based risk assessments, access and print your Emergency Response Plans, review and schedule training and access your training records and reports.



One platform to detect threats, communicate with your people and resolve critical events faster.

iluminr provides global response teams with the best in market tools to assess incidents, stand up teams, collaborate to gather intelligence and communicate rapidly, en-masse. Through iluminr, teams can receive advanced warning alerts of nearby threats, empowering them to proactively communicate with stakeholders, and initiate a rapid response to resolve critical events faster, from anywhere in the world.