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COVID-19 Live Q&A: Planning for recovery and opportunities

As organisations move into the pandemic management phase of COVID-19, a variety of impacts and challenges are emerging. To help you build resilience in this new business-as-usual environment, RiskLogic is running a webinar series on Managing through COVID-19.

This week’s interactive webinar is on ‘planning for recovery and opportunities’ that have been identified through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Q & A

How do we engage Executives to consider post COVID-19 new normal possibilities?
If Executives are not already driving the managing of the organisation into whatever its new form might be, then engage them on a conversational level like you would any other colleague. They too, may have enjoyed more time with kids/dogs/couch and less time on the train/highway. Keep the conversation going and ask the senior leadership team when they provide the opportunity to ask questions, such as town hall meetings.

As office leases come up for renewal, how strong will be the idea of satellite offices in suburbs and/or regions to mitigate risk?
Every business should be conducting a review of their risk framework to understand the new environment. It will then be up to the business to determine feasibility of additional working space. It will not be as simple as avoiding public transport; the economy has taken a hit and business conditions are now very different to six months ago.

How can we support staff who may have concerns about returning to the phsyical workplace after working from home?
Every workplace should consider “new normal”. Consider an induction process for staff and set the new standard for engagement in the workplace.

How new will be our ‘New Normal’?
Every company’s “new normal” will be up to them to shape and define. It’s a wonderful opportunity.

What’s a coordinated and safe approach to phase people back into the workplace?
As many companies decreased the on-site workforce, this may be the appropriate way to scale back up. Use the Team A/B construct, or return the people who most need to be there. Consider the people who most want to be there. Ensure the business leadership plays a visible and positive role in whichever reoccupation strategy your company chooses.

Other than Aus-NZ, what other bilateral “travel bubbles” are being seen as likely? Vietnam-Thailand is one discussed in Asia.
Watch the news on this one. Fiji has expressed a desire to join and the rest of the Pacific will likely look for inclusion also. This is one for national leadership to risk assess and make the decision on.

Pre COVID19, staff worked 5 days a week, 1 day was spent flexibly. Post COVID19 we may add days at home. Pro’s and Con’s?
Everyone has probably got a pretty good set up at home now. Also, most everyone has realised that WFH can be productive. I suspect we will see another 12 months of increased flexibility before this really settles one way or another.

What happens if new normal does not succeed?
Try, try again. Not every business innovation has always succeeded. Another 12 months of business innovation might find a new normal and each business or industry may find their own way. This is the eternal story of institutions vs nimble operators.

What impacts do you see to business operating models that increased remote working capability will have on business resilience programs?
Recognition of the processes people perform and the redundancies available to the business should be brought to the forefront. Where staff perform specific functions, their output can be defacto monitored by metrics. In less structured functions there may be a requirement to more fully understand timeframes for deliverables.

When are Universities likely to reopen?
Universities are in the challenging situation of aggregating many people in one location. Their operations will continue to be disrupted as this plays out.

With respect to continuity planning, how do we deal with both the amount and frequency of information change related to COVID-19?
Draw on authoritative information sources. Go directly to the PM and CMO’s media addresses. Know that the newspapers will put their own spin on it.

Is there anywhere we can get additional training on project continuity planning?
RiskLogic runs the Certification in Business Continuity course. We just completed one course via virtual delivery, and will run another in June. Get in touch or check our website for more details.

What does social distancing look like on public transport as restrictions are lifted?
We are seeing this in NSW now. These limitations will continue to impact the business community for some time yet. 

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