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Who's going to pay for this breach?

The Cyber Series Webinar

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Cyber attacks are expensive. With GDPR now firmly in place, recent attacks have cost some organisations hundreds of millions of dollars in fines and penalties alone. Add to this, the operational downtime, loss in productivity, lost revenue and the cost in repairing brand and reputation, and you have a catastrophic exposure on your books. At this point however, the debate continues about the value of insurance, the risk of self-insurance and where liability sits with third parties.

In this 45-minute live streamed webinar, we explore recent case studies of major cyber attacks and data breaches. This includes an examination of the impact of local and foreign regulation – including the cost of fines and penalties imposed, as well as a review of cyber specific insurance.

Key areas of discussion:

  1. Recent hacks, losses, fines and penalties
  2. The impact of local and foreign regulation
  3. Cyber Insurance: What’s included, excluded and current market trends
  4. Critical success factors and takeaways


Daniel Muchow

Head of Cyber Consulting | RiskLogic

Michael Parrant

Cyber Insurance Practice Leader | Aon

Marcus Vaughan

Director - Growth Strategies | RiskLogic