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Our Resilience Service

Crisis management done right

We pride ourselves in delivering crisis management services that deliver complete confidence during crises.

  • 15+ Years Experience icon

    15+ Years Experience

    We are the leading provider of resilience services for public & private sectors.

  • 500+ Active Clients, 30+ Industries icon

    500+ Active Clients, 30+ Industries

    Our broad range of service delivery means we can adapt for any type of industry.

  • Tried & Tested Solutions icon

    Tried & Tested Solutions

    Our programs are proven for use in real life crisis situations.

  • Prompt Decision Making icon

    Prompt Decision Making

    Crisis situations can happen at any time. Our Crisis management plans keep you prepared.

  • Decrease Reputational Harm icon

    Decrease Reputational Harm

    Avoiding harm to your reputation is critical to business success. We ensure it’s avoided.

  • Four Steps To Resilience icon

    Four Steps To Resilience

    Our unique crisis management planning provides a structured resilience method. All bases are covered.

How It Works

Four steps to crisis management maturity

Our Crisis Management plans, programs and training all revolve around a simple four stage lifecycle matrix. Each stage allows us to instantly recognise where organisations are on their crisis management preparedness scale. No matter your maturity, we can support your organisation.

Crisis Management Planning

Plan, assess, communicate and activate

Organisations should never be in a position to second guess the activation of a crisis management team. Having the confidence and situational awareness to make effective decisions starts with crisis management planning.

Action Plans
Assessment Tools/Resources
Crisis Teams Activation Strategies
Leadership Training

Ensure your team is ready to activate when necessary

Once your crisis management plans and strategies have been set into place, the next stage in crisis management is to begin training your team.

Communication Planning
Crisis Scenario Fundamentals
Incident and Crisis Assessment
Operational Toolsets Training
Response Training
Scenario Exercising

Put what is learnt into action

Once your training has been conducted the next stage to crisis management is giving your team the opportunity to exercise what they have learnt.

Debriefs and Reporting
Scenario Exercise Facilitation
Scenario Exercises and Run Sheets
Continual Improvement

Consistent maintenance and program updates

New technologies, employee or other stakeholder issues can sometimes take your organisation by surprise. Maintaining stakeholder confidence across the organisation is a commitment that requires consistent maintenance and program updates.

Annual Exercises
Annual Training Courses
Assurance Statements

Step 1. Crisis Planning

Step 4. Continual Improvement

Step 2. Leadership Training

Step 3. Scenario Exercising

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