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Incident Management Process

Manage incident outcomes robustly

Prepare for any unexpected incidents by establishing plans & procedures for all possible scenarios of potential harm with RiskLogic’s Incident Management Process.

incident management
Our Resilience Service

Manage unprecendented incidents confidently

We pride ourselves on providing high-level incident management services, incorporating our meticulous incident management process to ensure full assurance in the event of an emergency, disaster, or disruptive incident.

  • 15+ Years Experience icon

    15+ Years Experience

    We are the leading provider of resilience services for public & private sectors.

  • 500+ Active Clients, 30+ Industries icon

    500+ Active Clients, 30+ Industries

    Our broad range of service delivery means we can adapt for any type of industry.

  • Tried & Tested Solutions icon

    Tried & Tested Solutions

    Our incident management processes are proven for use in real life incident situations.

  • Third Party Integration icon

    Third Party Integration

    Where required, we integrate programs with local authorities, regulators & other relevant agencies.

  • Robustly Tested Planning icon

    Robustly Tested Planning

    Our incident response plans are well rehearsed to accomodate a wide variety of incidents.

  • Four Steps To Resilience icon

    Four Steps To Resilience

    Our unique approach provides a structured resilience method. All bases are covered.

How It Works

Four steps to robust incident management

Our Incident Management plans, training and exercises all revolve around a comprehensive four stage lifecycle matrix. Each stage allows us to instantly recognise where organisations can improve their resilience.

Incident Planning

Assess your level of preparedness and compliance for an incident

The foundation for your incident management process is in analysing and reviewing your existing resilience programs. These reviews must be done with legislation, best practice or benchmarks in mind.

Documentation Reviews
Gap Analysis Reports
Program Reviews
Leadership Training

Train incident response team members to respond effectively and efficiently

Tailored to all team members and focused on specific roles, we offer both face-to-face & virtual incident management training that is both highly pratical and relevant.

Communication Training
Incident Assessment
Incident Fundamentals
Organisational Toolsets
Scenario Exercising

Clarify roles, responsibilities, processes & available tools

Once training is completed, we will help validate your team via realistic, hands-on scenario exercises.

Exercise Establishment
Exercise Facilitation
Exercise Run Sheets
Scenario Development
Scenario Planning
Continual Improvement

Maintain your readiness & continue to improve it

New technologies, employee or other stakeholder issues can sometimes take your organisation by surprise. Maintaining stakeholder confidence across the organisation is a commitment that requires consistent maintenance and program updates.

Annual Exercises
Annual Maintenance Plan
Annual Training Courses
Mid-Year Health Check

Step 1. Incident Planning

Step 4. Continual Improvement

Step 2. Leadership Training

Step 3. Scenario Exercising

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