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Upskill Your People with a CBCI Accreditation

For many years now, RiskLogic has been one of the key suppliers of the Business Continuity Institute’s (BCI) CBCI course and Accreditation. We have seen a variety of seniorities and experiences come through this course with all of them leaving with a deeper understanding of effective business continuity skillsets. We were the first supplier to […]

crisis management technology

3rd Generation Crisis Management Technology

From public health outbreaks to environmental threats, crisis management teams are no longer navigating one-off, time limited events but long-term competing crises, rapidly changing technology, and new organisational needs.   Instead of relying on traditional approaches to critical events, today’s crisis managers need to consider adopting third generation crisis management technology to automate key tasks, […]

crisis communications

The seven sins of crisis communications Internal

The Seven Sins of Crisis Communications Witnessing a crisis unfold can be like watching a train crash. It is horrible to watch, but hard to look away as customers, commentators and stakeholders take to traditional and social media to vent their frustration. If poorly managed, the issue can escalate out of control and significantly damage […]

Crisis Management Survey

2019 Crisis Management Survey Snapshot Internal

Leaders today are arguably facing one of the most uncertain economic, political and social landscapes of recent history. 2019 has already proven to be a year of unexpected change with major events unfolding that have shaped both our local communities and global economy. In April 2019, Catalyst Technologies surveyed leading organisations across Australia and New […]

Community | Not for Profit

Wesley Mission Case Study

  The Situation   Our client – Wesley Mission is a not-for-profit charity organisation which provides emergency and crisis support for people and communities, helping them to face life’s challenges. As a not-for-profit organisation, Wesley Mission already had some resilience plans in place. However, due to internal restructures, change in company procedures & government legislation, […]