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Crisis Management

Successfully lead your organisation through a crisis event.

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Lead in effective response and intelligent decision making.

Crisis Management is about having the capability to lead your organisation through a significant event with complete control and confidence. Prompt and intelligent decision making by a crisis management team can often limit the potential reputational damage, financial implications and legal liability to the organisation and its stakeholders.

Our Crisis Management Services

Program Reviews

See where you are today from an industry-expert’s review.

Strategic Program Alignment

Ensure your programs align with wider business objectives and risks.

Strategy and Plan Development

Develop plans and strategies unique to your risks and organisation.

Communications & Media Protocols

Practice and implement effective comms strategies and responses.

Crisis Leadership Training

Get your core team up to code and in strong positions to respond.

Team Structure Planning

Design and implement responsibilities and roles before an event.

Scenario Exercise Programs

Realistic exercises to train your people and validate plans.

Annual Assurance Programs

Check-ins that focus on development and maintenance.

We take a four stage crisis management approach

Our Crisis Management programs, plans and training all revolve around a simple four stage matrix. Each stage allows us to instantly recognise where organisations are on their crisis management preparedness scale. No matter your maturity, we can support with Program Reviews, Post Incident Reviews (PIRs), creating plans, senior and leader team training, and our scenario exercise training.

Plan, assess, communicate and activate.

Organisations should never be in a position to second guess the activation of a crisis management team. Having the confidence and situational awareness to make effective decisions starts with planning. RiskLogic can help you build and maintain this with:

  • Action plans
  • Communication plans and protocols
  • Assessment tools
  • Crisis team activation strategies

Adoption of effective programs and plans starts with good team training. RiskLogic provide amongst the best workshops and programs to move even the best crisis teams to the next level. By ensuring key members of the team are always present, we can build on crisis response through:

  • Crisis fundamentals training
  • Incident and crisis assessments
  • Communication plan and response
  • Operational toolsets

Train and improve even the best teams.

Validate and create a positive culture of response.

Adoption of your crisis management plans starts with validation and team training. RiskLogic provide amongst the best scenario exercises available, utilising technology and realistic social and media disruptions to test your people. We also train key personnel to be confident in their plans through:

  • Exercise strategy
  • Scenario and run sheets
  • Scenario facilitation
  • Debrief and reporting

Committing to better and bigger programs and strategies means your stakeholders will remain confident in your resilience. RiskLogic help to keep organisations accountable and prepared every year by providing:

  • Annual review
  • Annual training
  • Annual exercising
  • Assurance statements

Continually improve. Always strive for more.

Agile Crisis Management

Our programs and plans are currently being used by hundreds of clients across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and parts of the United States.

What makes our Crisis Management offering unique is the ability to maintain best-practice, relevant techniques that can be tailored to the needs of your organisation. It’s this agile approach that have helped so many of our clients get through the pandemic and concurrent events.


Obligation free discussions with one of our experts.

We understand that it’s important to consider all options before committing to an external consultancy. With this in mind, RiskLogic provides unlimited obligation free conversations with you and your stakeholders so you understand how we work, and how we would approach your program.

We’re so confident in our work, that prior to project sign off, we will provide direct access to some existing clients as a referral point.


Crisis Management Technology

Our strategic partner, Catalyst Technologies has created a crisis management tool that helps organisations successfully manage disruptions around the world. An innovative and clever dashboard assists to review their crisis management preparedness through the use of powerful technology.