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Case Study & Webinar

New Zealand Schools in Lockdown

During a thirty-minute RiskLogic webinar, we identified and picked out the three most discussed and queried points from the Ministry of Education’s report on the March 2019 Mosque shooting incident. With special guest, the panel break down the most important points stakeholders need to consider, providing the materials for positive progression.

school lockdowns
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This webinar breaks down key three areas of concern, logistics and considerations for those in the education sector.

People welfare & human considerations

Ensure that your staff and students are unseen, and unheard. Consider a method of activating people very quickly without causing stress and minimising disruption. Think about predetermined requirements like medication and/or toiletry needs and who will oversee this for which students. Be prepared for social media to play a part in an event and use it to your advantage. Educate all personnel on expectations in an event.

The Logistics of a Lockdown

Identify where you get key facts from to help to determine where and how you make your next decision. Predetermine where you get that source of information. Identify where and what the threat is. ‘Lockdown’; unseen or unheard. ‘Shelter in place’; not an immediate threat, but containment is required. Distinguish the definitions and make the different processes obvious to all involved.

Immediate Actions & Procedures

Look at what you already have in place and identify where to make improvements. Identify gaps in your capability and build up experience in these areas by validating decisions made by staff during training. Instil a culture of resilience through staff, students and parents. Trust your training and review through a scenario and after an event.

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Schools going into lockdown, having students study remotely, and dealing with new threat landscapes is creating extreme challenges those in the education sector have not faced before. We offer our time obligation free to those seeking advice and how to build more resilient schools, colleges, and universities. Connect with us today to share your challenges and goals.