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Incident Management

Managing critical incidents in crowded places.

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Robust & sustained incident management response

Your incident response plans must accommodate all possible scenarios, be well rehearsed, and robustly tested. Effective programs must integrate with preparations from local authorities, regulators and combat agencies, and should be aligned with best practice guidelines established by the department of Home Affairs (Emergency Management Australia) or similar.

Incident Management Services

Program & post-incident reviews

Incident management plan development

Incident control structure and response team structures

Tailored incident management training

Desktop & full-scale scenario exercise programs

Four steps to better Incident Management

Our tried and tested four step approach helps to analyse and review existing resilience programs and resiliency maturity. We work with organisations across utilities, hospitals, road services, universities, schools, aged-care providers, public precincts, councils (for their public spaces), sporting stadiums, theme parks, and theatres.

Review where on the journey you are today.

RiskLogic can analyse and review existing resilience programs to assess an organisation’s level of preparedness and compliance with legislation, best practice standards or benchmarks.

  • Establishment of review criteria
  • Documentation review
  • Workshops and interviews
  • Physical site visits
  • Report with gaps and recommendations

Available for all aspects of Incident Management, tailored to all team members and focused on specific roles. We offer training face-to-face and virtual to avoid any disruptions from work-from-home requirements.

Course content is developed in-house and is unique to you. These experiences are highly practical and relevant (keeping up with events currently occurring – not from ten years ago). Training can be as short as an hour, full day or week depending on your requirements and size.

Immersive training experiences for your team.

Validate through carefully structured exercising.

Rehearsing your organisation’s incident management program via realistic, hands-on scenario exercises is critical to building familiarisation with staff roles, responsibilities, processes and available tools, building familiarisation with key stakeholder roles and responsibilities, and identifying practical program improvements. We focus on:

  • Planning
  • Establishment
  • Facilitation
  • Completion

RiskLogic will develop an Incident Management Plan for your organisation to assist with the centralised coordination and management of an incident. This will provide a standardised protocol for dealing with incidents, including but not limited to:

  • Incident assessments (ie. tool to identify incident levels)
  • Command centre establishment checklist and control structures
  • Role cards for each role and comms plans
  • Incident escalation and response checklists
  • Impact assessment tools
  • People management plans 
  • Integration with resilience plans and other agency plans

Build great plans for any scenario.

Post Incident Reviews

Often, we are contacted after a major incident. Accessing what went wrong and the process for avoiding the same incident in the future. RiskLogic facilitates Post Incident Reviews (PIRs) for organisations that evaluates response to a disruption or incident. Providing significant learning opportunities by identifying weaknesses and strengths, these are available for the entire organisation, selected divisions or focused on external stakeholders.


Obligation free discussions with one of our experts.

We understand that it’s important to consider all options before committing to an external consultancy. With this in mind, RiskLogic provides obligation free conversations with you and your stakeholders so you understand how we work, and how we would approach your program.

Align Incident Management to Business Continuity

RiskLogic is recognised in the market as one of the best at combining multiple resiliency programs and disciplines into one solution for organisations. Start by exploring business continuity with us.