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Tabletop Exercise & Training Your People

Build team engagement and response capability.

Building Capability Under Pressure

Your people need to be ready if they are to confidently lead your organisation during a crisis, incident or disruptive event. Driving lasting engagement, empowering individuals and building strong team capability is most effectively achieved by providing an impactful and unforgettable learning experience for participants. RiskLogic provides realistic training and scenario simulation exercises to help you build capability and organisational resilience under pressure.


CQ Crisis Leadership Training

The CQ Crisis Leadership Training program is an industry first leadership course specifically designed to build crisis intelligence amongst senior management teams. The course builds awareness, critical skills and leadership capabilities to effectively manage a crisis situation within the context of an organisation’s unique environment.

CBCI Certification Training (Online)

An internationally accredited course providing practitioners with the knowledge and understanding required to develop or maintain a robust Business Continuity Management program. Completion of this course and examination leads to the post-nominal designation CBCI and allows for statutory membership of the BCI.

Incident Management Training

A practical and tailored training program for specific incident management roles or teams to build a proactive and aware Critical Incident Management culture.

Business Continuity Awareness

Face-to-face or online training to provide an overall awareness and understanding of business continuity principles and existing preparations to better prepare staff.

Cyber Resilience Training

Face-to-face training for Cyber Incident Security Teams on how to effectively respond to a cyber event and use their cyber response procedures and tools.

Emergency Response Training

Face-to-face and online training exercises & drills for Wardens and other First Responders to ensure the safe evacuation or lockdown of occupants.

Crisis Communications Training

An interactive crisis communications training session where team members become familiar with their roles and responsibilities and those of their colleagues in the event of a crisis incident.

Media Training

Using realistic hands-on crisis scenarios to facilitate crisis communications media training that will take your spokespeople to the next level of preparedness.

Simulation, Testing, and Tabletop Exercise

Emergency Response Simulations

Regular Evacuation and Lockdown Drills enable organisations to physically test the effectiveness of plans, actively engage staff, build emergency response capabilities and ensure ongoing regulatory compliance.

Critical Business Functions Testing

Validating the recovery of critical business functions as identified in the Business Impact Analysis. Testing consists of relocation to alternate sites, restoration of critical systems and confirmation that functions can be performed to an acceptable level.

Scenario Exercise

Rehearsing your Resilience program via realistic, hands-on scenario simulation exercises is critical to:

Build familiarisation with staff roles, responsibilities, processes and available tools.

Provide a high level of stakeholder assurance in your organisation’s recovery capability.

Identify practical program improvements.

The opportunity to immerse teams into the realities of a major incident or crisis is one of the single most important activities to help build capability and engagement for your program. From simulated cyber security threats, pandemic situations, supply chain issues to adverse weather scenarios, we can help you build a simulated environment that reflects your unique business operations, ensuring a comprehensive and unforgettable learning experience for participants. RiskLogic provides a wide range of scenario exercise services for clients, whether it is a Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Major Incident Management or combined focus, from table-top

Leverage Technology

Rise to the challenge see how technology can help deliver better outcomes for organisational resilience.