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Incident Management in Schools

Schools in lockdown – How we move forward

schools in lockdown
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In late August 2019, The Ministry of Education shared their outsourced review on the city-wide  Lockdown during the 15th march events.

This 84-page report covered some key areas of consideration including:

  • the quantitative results of their research;
  • timeline of events;
  • stakeholders and current policies;
  • Canterbury survey results, and
  • the MOE’s Emergency Management Plan template.

With this significant review now complete, many educational precincts have plenty of formal problems to review, with few solutions.

In association with CQCommand and Linwood Avenue School, over this 30-minute webinar, RiskLogic will focus on the demands of People Welfare (both students & stakeholders) and overcoming mass-communication in similar events. Focus areas will include:

  • blind spots, case studies, and lessons learned (in line with the report);
  • key takeaways and actionable steps from the report;
  • what your next steps should be right now.

We are joined by:

  • Principal Blair Dravitski of Linwood Avenue School to provide his experiences on the close proximity of the Linwood Mosque attack, followed by his handling of the excessive media attention.
  • RiskLogic’s National Operations Manager & Resilience specialist, Cheryl Hambly who brings with her two decades of knowledge within the educational sector.
  •  Brad Law, RiskLogic Country Manager who had an active part in supporting our Christchurch based clients during the lockdown. With his extensive experience in mass-communications and crisis management, he will lead the discussion and share direction for schools throughout New Zealand following this report.

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