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Business Continuity and Crisis Management Team

Pick me! How to select a team member when the talent pool is extraordinary

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Here is a challenge, which may also test your unconscious bias.

If you had to appoint one person to manage your crisis management or business continuity strategy, who would you go with?

  1. A former police forensic scientist who worked in INTERPOL’s Counter Terrorism and Emerging Threats Directorate, with commendations from the FBI and the US State Department.
  2. A former Australian Army officer with Honours Degrees in Biomedical Science and Biochemistry who has conducted health support operations in Australia, PNG and Bougainville.
  3. A senior risk and resilience specialist with ten years in the oil and gas industry in Canada and the Middle East, a Degree in Human Geography and Criminology and a Masters in Science, Security & Organisational Risk Management.
  4.  A certified Business Continuity Practitioner with a decade in business resilience and crisis management in the telecommunication, insurance and finance sectors, including experience in South East Asia.
  5.  A former senior Australian diplomat who has supported Australia’s crisis response to events in Iraq, Syria, Bangladesh and Nepal, including service in Australia’s Embassy in Afghanistan.
  6. An MBA qualified banking and finance executive, with 11 years across Westpac and NAB, with deep networks in boards and executives across Australia’s largest listed and private companies.

It is such a tough decision to choose only one, right?

The good news is, RiskLogic now has all these people on our national team, with six new appointments and promotions.

And if you pictured six highly qualified men, think again, because all these appointments are women.
Not only have they brought an extraordinary diversity of experience to the team, they also build on RiskLogic’s gender diversity and reinforce the value of having highly skilled women at the helm in crisis situations.

They provide our clients with an unparalleled depth of capability and ‘lived experience’ in business continuity and crisis, incident and emergency management.

So who are these talented women? Check out their full credentials on LinkedIn here:

  1. Dr Rebecca Hoile, our new Senior Manager, Resilience in our new Adelaide office
  2. Briony Morgan, promoted internally to Senior Manager, Resilience in our Queensland team
  3. Joanne Costa (nee Hill), promoted internally to Senior Manager, Resilience in our Victorian team
  4. Razia Namazie CBCI, AMBCI, our new Senior Manager, Resilience in the NSW team (returning to RiskLogic after previously working here in 2012-13)
  5. Jessica Petersen, our new Manager, Resilience in our Victorian team.
  6. Vanessa Jaber, our new National Client Engagement Manager

If you need help or advice in business continuity or crisis management and want to tap into the skills and experience of these extraordinary people, start a conversation with us today.

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