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C O R O N A V I R U S - R E P O R T

Seven Key Insights from
COVID-19 Debriefs

Guiding you through the next phase of the pandemic

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To get the best outcomes for your organisation as we progress through COVID-19, it’s important to look back at how you have responded to the pandemic so far.

Understanding these key learnings will help you identify opportunities for improvement and implement required actions to strengthen your resilience through the remainder of the pandemic. This coronavirus report focuses on the key debriefing points our team have pulled together.

“The series of events that have unfolded in 2020 has challenged society in a way that has not been experienced in recent history. The pressure from COVID-19 has tested the resilience of organisations, governments and the very social fabric of our communities.

RiskLogic has been supporting clients through each phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the undertaking of a significant number of “crisis response” debriefs to support learning and growth in organisational resilience.

Our team has worked with clients within residential aged care, telecommunications, food and beverage manufacturing, education, retail, finance and property groups. Despite the variety of industries, common trends in crisis response have emerged.

In this coronavirus report, we will share seven key insights from COVID-19 debriefs, with the objective of assisting your organisation to continuously improve its level of maturity in organisational resilience”.

Daniel Shields


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Provided in this asset

Key learnings from actions that were implemented to manage the impacts of COVID-19.

Opportunities to improve your response as COVID-19 evolves.

Opportunities for strengthening organisational resilience during times of sudden change and uncertainty.

Contents include

  • Carrying out a debrief
  • Inadequate plans
  • Outdated critical business functions
  • Lack of crisis management team
  • Inadequate business structure
  • Disseminating and sharing information
  • Communication in changing times
  • Adoption of technology